Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rainbow Snake

It's summer time but the kids still long for study time! Well then, ibigay ang hilig hehehe :)

I purchased some Jolly Phonics materials during last year's Manila International Book Fair but we haven't actively used them. Sure - the Jolly Phonics songs were on repeat since September of 2016 and we had fun singing to it with the matching actions suggested by the book. But the "big" book was kept away for a while; bacause personally, I felt it was really a bit too early to focus on teaching how to read at only 2.5 years old. Add to that the fact that Z was still "coloring-averse", if there ever was such a term. She learned the basic phonics sounds, though, so I guess that's a great start! :)

Today we tried to do some sheets from the big Jolly Phonics book. It's good that the publisher allows personal reproduction (of some sections) so we photocopied a few Jolly Phonics sound sheets for today's activity. If you look at a single sheet, it looks quite basic but that's exactly what we need right now. Of course, it depends on us how we will maximize the use of the sound sheets. I think it works great whether we use it in its simplicity or complement it with other homeschooling tools/activities.

Here are a couple of sheets to show you what it's like:

At the side it shows Upper- and Lower-case "s". Inside the box we see the hand action of weaving into an "s". On the main part there's an image of a snake curled into the letter, and some tracing practice below.

On the preceding page are some helpful bits on teaching the letter sound. It has a storyline you can share with the child and reinforces the action and letter formation. For advanced toddlers, you can use the blending instruction. And for those looking for something extra, they have the extension activities.

There's also the 'further phonics' box which is actually a teaching note for teachers. It helps ensure that we are teaching the correct phonics sound.

At only 3 years old and 3 months, I don't want to complicate our homeschooling life. Just something that will be educational & fun. Nothing too heavy, or pushy. Light & engaging activities and tools are what we prefer for this particular season of homeschooling. So we just reviewed the letter sound and had fun singing the song with the matching snake movement of our hand.

Tune: The Farmer in the Dell
The snake is in the grass
The snake is in the grass
/sss/! /sss/!
The snake is in the grass 

Action: Weave your hand in an 's' shape, like a snake, and say ssssss.

And then I asked if she wished to color the snake. Totally okay if she did not want to, but I was surprised that not only did she agree, she also had a 'vision' of how she wanted it to look. A rainbow snake

I love how she uses her imagination! I'm also just too glad to see her working on patterns, color/art appreciation and the simple act of practicing how to hold a pen...or a crayon in this instance. As for me? I'm happy I got to "let go" a bit on this one. It's tempting to dictate how the output should look like but I guess there is value in allowing her to work on colors pleasing to her. Ditto on not forcing her to color within the lines and not encouraging the opposite as well. ---> I don't mean for this to be controversial, just that my daughter is not yet physically ready for that, so I don't force the issue :) Although, it's quite tempting talaga hehe..

The kids ended their morning play with... more play! They had a "Guess the Letter" contest facilitated by their Angkong, using the Jumbo Bananagrams. And later on, continued with D as the teacher and Z as the student. 

If you look close enough, Z's picture is blurred because she kept jumping up and down all throughout the game! Very clearly, these kids don't have energy gap! Hahaha... :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Throwback: Summer at Real Star Beach Resort

Here's a throwback to a mini-vacay we had last year at REAL STAR BEACH RESORT in Real, Quezon. I hold this place close to my heart, coming and going here since 1993! 

Through the years, I've seen how this place, this community has been transformed. This used to be something that was enjoyed just by local residents and occasional vacationers. But now, it's somewhat of a summer destination for Metro Manila folks, and also those from nearby areas.

I feel so old when I think back and remember just a narrow strip of sand where we would leave our things when we go for a swim, or having to manage wobbly stones just to get to the center "island". Never mind the "itim batok" moments when us kids would just go at it with wild abandon at noon time just to collect snails and have a look at sea urchins. Of course, the waves crashing and making a big splash still does it for me. And when I take a look at a certain corner, I swear I can still see my grandfather, walking stick in hand, looking far away to the sea surrounded by his own thoughts.

Haaay, eto na talaga ang "all the feels"... :)

Enjoy our video! :D

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Momzilla Fair at Century City Mall

Trying my 'bestest' to cease & desist from shopping, I purposely didn't make a schedule for Momzilla Fair in Century City Mall. Hahaha, that's all I can say 😊

One thing led to invitation, lunch with family and I find myself (and my wallet) 'dangerously' entering the Momzilla Fair premises. 

I browsed the list of sellers and made a mental note of stalls to visit. At this point, I just wanted to maximize the PHP 100 entrance fee by checking out products I've been stalking on Facebook or Instagram. I go further to justify my purchases in the fair that at least I get to save on shipping fees I would otherwise incur if they were bought individually online. :) Lusot na ba? Hehe :)

Overall it was a tiring day but I still had fun eating with the fam at Hole in the Wall. So glad I got to order my all-time fave Bad Bird chicken with yummy Mexican corn..aaaahhh!!! And babywearing at that! :p Let's pretend for a minute that that's my secret superpower...woooosaaahh!!! :p

E sleeping soundly while being worn in the Baby K'tan Breeze
We also bumped into our classmates from Ms. Rome Kanapi's birthing class. I'm inggit because MG's slim na! Well, she always has been naman :) Means I need to start thinking about my diet and exercise plan 👍🏻

Babywearing moms, FTW! :)

Here's a look at the Momzilla Fair. Not a very flattering shot because --> baby, tired & toddler..get it? Hahaha :)

I don't know if it's just me or the lighting was really lacking..... 

Now onto my loot:

Yep, just the pillow case hehe. I was a bit disappointed with what I originally chose, the one that came with the pillow I bought online; because although I love the look, the fabric was too thin. So it was good that I was able to see the fabrics in person and I got to choose something thicker. :)

Please excuse my foot! Yikes! Hahahaha..

I know they're cute but I really wouldn't spend for this, if not for the prodding of my daughter. I was asking the seller which one was the cheapest and they had one that cost P300. But our little miss was bent on the colors and design she really wanted. So rather than spending on a cheaper item she probably doesn't like that much and maybe wouldn't get worn as much, I decided that for P200 difference, to just get the one she fell in love with. Major thanks to the jolly seller who gave a bracelet freebie too! :)

3. MOTHER NURTURE 7-in-1 CHOCOLATE MIX (P140 for a pack of 8)
This is something I keep on reading about in mommy forums so I decided to just go for it. I love that I get my fix of daily hot choco while at the same time receiving lactation benefits from the following ingredients:

-Gotu Kola | the most spiritual of all herbs 
-Ashitsba | with power to supply vital nutrients
-Stevia | healthy substitute for sugar
-Malunggay | "nature's medicine cabinet"

also has: non-dairy creamer, calcium lactate and cocoa powder, of course

I like the taste because it isn't too sweet. I think I just might try the coffee variant on my next purchase.

4. BUENO NIÑO Book | Pockets for Corduroy (P350)
The Corduroy book is a staple in our rotation. We discovered it as part of our BFIAR / Before Five In A Row purchase and my daughter loved the teddy bear's mini adventure inside the mall, as well as the friendship, love, and companionship he has immediately forged with Lisa. On my end, I'm just as amazed with the illustrations that depict the era when those books were written. I guess I just really love all that old world charm and the simplicity that comes with it.

That's it pancit!

P.S. They had credit card terminals but I "went rouge" and bought cash-basis hahaha :) My hubby and our bank account would be proud?! Yizzz...I'm actually reforming myself from using 'plastic' and buying non-budgeted items (no matter "how much I want it").

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Homeschooling: Working, learning and bonding with family members

There are so many things I love about homeschooling. Too many, that I could probably keep on gushing about it.

This day provided us with yet a new experience and something new to love about decision to do preschool homeschooling. Very simply, it's the fact that we get to enjoy (and learn) at home during these precious early years and spend time with people truly dear to us - our family! :)

During this homeschooling activity, we decided to work on a few challenges with our Wedgits blocks. These are not your ordinary blocks as you can see from the pictures. It gives the opportunity for the child to look at patterns and possible designs in a totally different way. What a great way to introduce STEM concepts, as well as develop interest & capabilities in this discipline!

"Nest! Stack! Wedge! This educational building toy encourages creativity, stimulates spatial thinking and teaches geometric patterning. Five different sizes of building shapes and expansion bridges fit together to build almost anything or use the design guide to create 3-D sculptures, futuristic space craft and towering structures. Tips and techniques are also included in the design guide to get started. Winner of many prestigious awards, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. Includes 35 building pieces and 1 design guide. Ages 3+"

And challenging, indeed it was! We picked a card which we were not sure how to "solve" the top-most part. We had to "call a friend" by means of asking help from grandpa (an engineer) and Daddy A (an architect). 

I think they too were a bit stumped! Hahaha :) 

For me the "magic" here unfolded in many ways. 

First, we learn that we don't have the answers all the time. So we have to be humble to accept our limitations and at the same time, still try our best to work out a solution. 

Second is we cannot always get everything right the first time. This calls for perseverance in that we should stick to the work at hand and also calls for creativity - Can we do trial and error? Can we look at all the different angles, literally and figuratively? 

Third, I hope my child learned the value of collaboration. In life we definitely need to be able to work harmoniously with others from different backgrounds or disciplines. I guess this is what more "senior" homeschoolers try to explain about socialization. It's a common argument by folks in the traditional setting who worry about homeschooled children lacking socialization with peers their age. In reality, they are actually given the opportunity for "vertical socialization". They get to interact with (and learn from) people of different ages. This day demonstrated just how wonderful it was to collaborate with family members with quite different orientations, who also belong to different generations.

This Wedgits "problem" threw off our homeschooling groove for the day. But you know what? It compensated with so many teachable moments that we really wouldn't have it any other way :)




**In the spirit of full disclosure, there are affiliate links on this post, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from Amazon. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands :) **

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

FO GUANG SHAN Mabuhay Temple

This is what keeps us busy on Sundays. Good bye to sleeping in on weekends, ha!

A couple of hours of singing, playing, and learning Mandarin Chinese for the kiddos. For only PHP 3,600.00 for a whole year of tuition...that's not too bad, right? They have classes for kids of different ages. I guess it's from nursery/preschool to high school level but these are more of supplementary learning. Some are learning about scout tradition, some on photo journalism and well, we're stuck with the play group hahahaha :)

For a homeschooling family, I treat this as a welcome break and a place where my child can meet and interact with kids her age (horizontal socialization). I'm quite impressed too that at their age, they really have very absorbent minds! She sings and sings her Sunday Mandarin songs endlessly...endlessly, I say! :p To the effect that the helper and I get the song stuck on our mind as well...LSS na.  

So far, so good! :)

Dancing at Home: Mambo No. 5 with the "kids"

We just got back from a vacation in Zambales but travelled much longer than expected. Just imagine : a 4-hour trip that turned into 12 hours!! Gosh! I'm feeling happy-tired, but tired nonetheless. 

While Easter Sunday was supposed to be a day of recovery for us, the kids managed to brandish the Wii equipment and started dance-dance-dancing...

And I guess you know what happens next when the beat calls you for some hip shaking! Hahaha :) Enjoy our video!

P.S. Oh yeah, this is also a wake-up call for me to get serious with my fitness...or fatness, rather! :p

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cookbooks are <3

Without a doubt, one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received!! Two of my must-watch men on TLC!

Jamie Oliver's take on the kitchen is something truly refreshing. It also helps that he's easy on the eyes and has that arrestingly boyish charm. I love his 15-minute meals and am behind his advocacy for reviving cooking & eating healthy meals. Ditto for him supporting their local food producers. Someday when I find the space, I'd love to recreate his herb garden, kitchen and maybe have a little backyard grill of my own :)

Although he seems a little more brooding and a little bit mysterious, I also enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain. I also have to give credit to his researchers and producers (basically everyone else who makes the show possible) of The Layover for all the incredible food joints they are able to showcase in Bourdain's 24-48 hours in a particular city. That's like The Amazing Race of foodies like me! I also feel happy when I see the immense pride of his hosts, sharing not only meals with him but also a little bit of their culture and history.

Thank you so much to Tita Ninang J & Tito Ninong R Manalaysay (& family) for this thoughtful and much treasured collection ☺️
Oh I do hope I'll be a better cook & home-baker by and by. It is really my dream to be able to whip up stupendously delicious & healthy farm-fresh meals for my family :) You know the ones who with just one look at the ingredients on hand are able to cook up a storm? That's what!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Drooling over these drool catchers

I'm not supposed to blog about it, really not yet. ..... But it's just too darn adorbs!!! Waaahh!! 😍

I was able to score a Lillebaby All Seasons Complete baby carrier during their last online sale. It's in a new print which I think looks very nice for ladies or mommy wearers and I hope it's something Daddy A would be able to at least tolerate 😜

The carrier is still on its way to the Philippines that's why I was hesitant to order accessories for it. But I was already majorly crushing on Tokidoki accessories ever since I found out I was pregnant with Baby E. 

So......tadaaaahhh!!! :D

The original plan was to have it embroidered with E's name or initials but I keep thinking, what if we have another baby or what if I intend to destash it in the future? Hence the semi-generic design..although Daddy A thinks I'll find it hard to let go of baby stuff, especially ones as cute as these! :)

So to maximize this order, I had one side in a boy print for when Daddy A will use the carrier. I know even big boys love super heroes so I really hope Daddy A will dig the Kawaii Marvel Heroes print. Of course, the reverse side is something that'll make Mommy Meowmeow (that's me!) giddy for days -- Tokidoki icons embroidered on pink minky fabric with a punny caption to boot - "Donut ever let me go!" So apt for babywearing! :)

I've been hooked on Amazon beginning with my first pregnancy. Now I'm falling in love with Etsy, too! :)

Should be filing this under: Choose your own Valentine's gift LOL! :)

Action shots when I get the entire package. Can't wait! 😍

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Do you ever wonder if you're using your time well?

"Am I using my time well?" This is a question that I seem to be always asking myself nowadays. By this I mean whether or not the things I choose to do now are significant enough to merit each breath God gives me. 

Family time at Tagaytay (2015) ~ days as SAHM are not always as cheery as this :)
This is me coming from a worldview that women should by all means study, succeed in the corporate world or in their own business enterprise and basically conquer the world at all stages of their life. I was sailing that ship when I was still single....and then came marriage and kids. Although it is ultimately our family's decision for me to stay at home for the meantime or even "pansamantagal", doubt still creeps in. This is especially true while performing 'mundane' tasks like bathing kids, changing diapers, breastfeeding for hours and so on. I sometimes can't help but think how my KPI's have changed - from hitting sales quotas and achieving distribution coverage to doing a darn good job of trimming kids' nails!

Fun times with former colleagues

Most times, I begin to question whether it is the right decision to give up my career in IT, my opportunity to teach in the University and even an emerging business. When I think about it in terms of money, I get a pang of regret because that's still a significant amount of money we can use to fast track our dreams. In terms of opportunity loss, I wonder too if I'll be given the chance again and even go to the point of questioning what I studied for if I'll just stay at home. Business contacts will change, resource persons will most likely shift gears too and companies, well, they tend to forget people too!

First Day High ~ My University students having fun (I hope! Hahaha) during their first day in class :)

But when I shift my focus on my kids and the time I am afforded to be with them, guide them, even homeschool them and watch them grow - priceless! Yes, there are still doubts. Yes, I'm not the perfect mother nor the perfect teacher. But I feel strongly that this is where I'm planted now, where I also have to bloom & grow. If I be wrong, then I hope that God will redirect me. For now, I'll do my best as a mother tasked to be with the kids. Lots of days are hard (I keep thinking: I'm not trained for this!!) but God's will is always true - I pray that it will always prevail.

I'm sharing below a newsletter I received from Ms. Sarita Holzman of Sonlight. Every word she said tugged at my heart. It is deeply encouraging for the season I am in and comforting despite the doubts I have. To other confused and doubtful mothers, I hope it touches your heart as well. Indeed, God is always with us in this journey :)

[Text below shared from SONLIGHT Newsletter dated February 10, 2017]

Do you ever wonder if you're using your time well?

Not in an hourly, time management sense, but in a big picture sense? Do you ever wonder if your time at home is worthwhile?
I know young women who have big dreams of changing the world, and then they marry, have children, and find themselves surrounded by domesticity. They freely choose to stay at home and serve first there. But at the same time, they look at the drastic needs of the world and wonder if they're doing what they should.
Perhaps instead of important business meetings and global travel, your main concerns are getting through today's math lesson and laundry while also buying groceries and a birthday gift for the party tomorrow.
Maybe you feel like your all-consuming tasks aren't very important …

But have you ever considered how Jesus spent 90% of his life? We don't know much about his life before he was 30. Yet we assume Jesus spent those years at home, serving his family. As a young man we think he worked as a carpenter in Nazareth, caring for his mother and siblings. He only spent three years in public ministry.

I believe Jesus brought as much glory to his Father in his years at home as he did in his public ministry. Why? Because he was following the Father the entire time. He was home when his Father wanted him home. And then he preached and healed and trained disciples when that's what the Father wanted him to do.
Jesus listened to his Father, walked in step with him, and served where the Father had him. It was that simple and that difficult.

Your life, too, will have different seasons to it. This season at home with your children while homeschooling is just one of them. I encourage you to do it well and to seek God's face the entire time.
It's true that God may ask you to focus on something in addition to your family and homeschooling right now. God may be asking you to homeschool AND start a business, lead a non-profit, volunteer at church, go back to school, or pursue an additional vocation. I started Sonlight with my husband while I was homeschooling. I worked very hard all those years to give my best to all my commitments.
But that's something you need to discern. I want you to hear, Mom, that staying at home with your children is a high and very worthy calling. Whether that's your sole focus now, whether you serve elsewhere as well, or whether you even decide one day to stop staying at home with the kids, you will not regret these years of letting motherhood shape and change you. The patience, logistical skills, big-heartedness, grace and love you develop in these years will serve you and the world for the rest of your life.

And don't forget, you are raising the next generation. You are equipping your children to know who they are in Christ, to know what they can do in the world, and to have the skills to go out to do it. You are equipping your children to do whatever God calls them to. Talk about a critical job!
The reality is that this season of intense motherhood is where God has you right now. I know it is beautiful and awesome, and sometimes frustrating and overwhelming. Yet it is alwaysimportant.
So thank you for serving your children, and in so doing, serving the world. In seasons where you are also serving elsewhere, thank you for that. In seasons when your family life demands all your attention, thank you for your faithfulness to them.

God bless you, Mom. He is always with you in this journey!

Blessings to you and yours,


Monday, January 30, 2017

Early Bird Breakfast Club ~ Baby Shower

I distinctly remember this lazy Sunday afternoon. We were sleeping in like most Sundays of my second pregnancy, until we remembered we were invited by my in-laws to have lunch with them in Century City Mall Makati. 

I thought it was odd because it's not their usual Sunday lunch favorite. Since we were running late (and I worried they might wait too long and still be done with lunch before we arrive), I kept telling Daddy A to call them up & let them know we'll just eat at a nearby resto and probably join them for lunch some other time. To which Daddy A would hear none of! 

Turns out it was a surprise baby shower and he was in on the surprise too! Sus!! Kala ko nag-kuripot mode lang kaya push ang family lunch hahaha :))

Wow! I knew it was a shower when I saw the charming decor outside but I was actually shocked to see that my brother and his girlfriend were there too! hahaha..totally unexpected! 

We joined them for lunch while we entertained the toddlers as well. I've always wanted to dine here to sample their dishes and take pictures but alas! I wasn't able to bring my trusty camera. I told Daddy A to please let me know next time so I can bring my cam. We enjoyed our meals, which came in large servings, by the way. Chit-chat here and my sister-in-law G gave me the iPad. I thought she was showing me an app for moms or kids but when I peered I saw two familiar faces in the screen. That's when I started to tear up even more. It was my parents' video message. I wasn't able to hear their message partly because of the ambient noise and also because I was probably bawling haha. I miss them terribly and I really wish they could've been here for my second pregnancy and delivery. 

We ended with much photos, gifts, a nice stroll which made me feel heavier and another meal for me to enjoy - Fried Chicken Corn & Coleslaw Plate x Bad Bird at Century Mall's Hole in the Wall foodie joint :) (God, I love those corns!!)

Thank you so much to my L & B families for pouring much love for our little boy - our cups are definitely full! Thanks to my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sisters-in-law (yes, counted ka na diyan, V!) who I think were the brains behind this. They planned, put up decors, coordinated schedules and attendees and even made a special video. Thank you also to my brothers-in-law for supporting this event and helping with the logistics. Thank you to my brother A - although I'm older, you've been the one who's supporting and helping me with this adulting thing ever since our parents decided to follow their new dream. We may not see each other often but I always feel that I have a family in you & V. Of course, I also want to thank Daddy A for being with me every step of our adventure..but please, next time tell me to bring the camera? :p

Aaaannnddd....thank you so so much for all the gifts..they are definitely being used now hahaha :)

Okay, I'm tearing up again hahaha...thank you so much and I love you all! :D

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