Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


Haunted library with skeletons, witches with boiling cauldrons, broomsticks and bones, ghostly interiors with golden candelabras, spiders, bats and mice on stairs too!

Did that scare you? Sharing with you some out-takes from Manila Hotel. Photos taken by me and hubby with the Fujifilm X20. Enjoy! :)

Planning for a First Birthday Party like planning for a wedding! Except this time, I'm taking control. Yes you read that right! Without going into details, suffice it to say that back in 2012, getting married was the biggest *SURPRISE* of my life! (in less than 100's a Chinese tradition which I may have to blog about at a later time)

I'm thankful that I have friends who helped me tremendously with the preparations because back then my mind was truly, truly chaotic. I wouldn't be able to handle it by myself. My then-fiance A must have been scratching his head and tsk-tsk-tsking. There I was, a 20-something bride-wannabe who really wanted to get married but was adamant to do it on such short notice. Parang, "ano ba talaga, ate?"

And I thank God in His infinite grace and wisdom for that test of character, of patience and for the blessings and direction He has given. O sige na nga side-kwento ng konti..I felt that it was a message from God when our officiant (Fr. Allen De Guzman) said something to the effect of, "Sometimes there are times in our life when we are called to do something. It may not be in the way we expect it to be. Or the way we want it to be. We may be scared. But we follow."

Okay back to regular programming. Next to our daughter's baptism which we did on her 4th month, our task is to plan for her first birthday celebration. Of course as a stay at home / work at home (SAHM/WAHM) mom, I feel it is my duty to conceptualize, plan and prepare for this major milestone. And this I am doing diligently!

Here are the 5 things I've learned so far:

1. Plan well in advance. In short, do not cram!

I don't know if I should be embarrassed to tell you this. I have been thinking about this and been doing my share of supplier research as far back as 6 months prior to her birthday. Is that super early? Hahaha..Well in terms of booking suppliers (and depending on who you want to get) it might be a bit late na! It's not only the venue and caterer one must think of, even the highly-rated magicians and photographers get booked way way waaaaay in advance. Yikes!! But I'm really glad I got my top picks for suppliers...Dibs! Yehey!! :)

First we chose a date. Once that was set, I contacted the caterer I wanted and inquired about their packages and rates. After choosing our birthday lunch set, we scheduled a food tasting. Normally my husband and I can decide on this already but we also invited my in-laws. We wanted to ensure that the taste will also be palatable to their 'age group' hehe. This was a non-negotiable supplier for me so I did not bother to check with others na...tralalalala :D

Ulalam!!! My favorite dish! I'd probably order an extra serving of this good for 10 pax? Hahahaha :)

Discussing food choices at the food tasting with Ms. Melissa of Passion Cooks

Z having fun too with her Amah and her favorite board book! :)
Then we looked for a venue. One that was near. Like, very very near! Hahaha!! Luckily we found one that's right about 10 minutes from our home! We like it because it's near, relatively cheap and looks neat, fresh and lovely! Even if we scrimp on 'styling' it would still look decent :) Thank God for Arch. A and my father-in-law who lovingly took the dimensions  and made the floor plan for the caterer to use!

While out of town trips and events are much fun, I can't imagine us having a first birthday celebration with a location outside Metro Manila. This is such a huge deviation from a wedding which we had in Caleruega (Nasugbu, Batangas). Not to mention, suppliers will charge anywhere from PHP 3,000 to upwards of PHP 10,000 for out of town fees. That's huge savings my dears!

Now at almost 2 months to go before our event, I can be more relaxed as I'm just doing "detailing" and planning for the small stuff. I'm also truly happy to have booked my suppliers of choice :) They have positive ratings and I'm sure that should there be glitches (as they are unavoidable), it would only be minor ones and will not cause me stress and heartaches.

As my college professor (Sir Harvey Ong) used to say, "Cramming is bad for your health!"

2. Set and agree on a BUDGET, choose suppliers based on VALUE and choose your party planning CONFIDANTES.

For most folks, even some dads would nod in agreement, it's just a big G-A-S-T-O-S. Really! And I do agree that expenses could easily go out of hand with all the new things cropping up for parties! That's why early on, we have set a budget. Yes we do have our "dream suppliers" but we always always look at the big picture and do our best to balance our wants (i.e., the party look and feel we are going for) and our budget.

Being the chief party planner for this event, I always look for at least 3 viable suppliers and canvass their offering. All options are then 'presented' to my husband for his final approval :) Despite our goal of sticking to the budget, we don't always go for the cheapest price. Instead, we look for VALUE, primarily. In the end, we do get what we pay for.

It is easy to know your party planning status and easily share it with your hubby or coordinator. What I did was to set up a spreadsheet on Google Docs which details the following:

a. Expense Category
b. Supplier
c. Working Estimate
d. Actual Cost
e. Down payment Made
f. Balance
g. Booking Details

So at any moment, we see an accurate picture of how close we are to sticking or going over our budget! :p

Another thing I realized is this - mommies, let's accept that not everyone will share in our excitement of planning for a first birthday party. Sometimes it's just us and maybe a couple of close friends. And that's okay. Much as this day is extremely important for us, in the light of eternity, this is just but a tiny dot. At first this can be disheartening. I mean, "Why aren't they excited??!" But then you know, people are busy, they also have other things to attend to. Let's just concentrate on planning and preparing well and understand where they are coming from. As for me, I'm happy that my hubby is mildly excited (hehe) and that I have 3 girl friends who are helping me out by listening to my crazy weird ideas and bringing me back to reality!

Two practical tips I'd like to share is (1) to have hard copies  (printed) contracts or MOA's and always attach receipts for any payments made. Especially if you intend to hand-over to a trusted friend/relative/coordinator on the day of the event. This way, you won't be stressed during the party trying to remember all the little details. It will also be easier to set and meet expectations should there be any issue. And (2) please also be upfront with suppliers when they ask for your budget. We will be helping them work more efficiently this way, rather than pushing for something that we cannot afford, and being frustrated in the end.

Another GOLDEN NUGGET I wish to share is this, our husband should be our partner. Let us be honest with them and not hide expenses they would just find about on the event itself and be powerless over. They should be our accountability partners as well. If planning for our child's party is making us do things that are contrary to our values, I hope we are able to pray for the humility to submit ourselves to God's guidance and our hubby's authority too.

3. Learn to let go

Sabi ko nga nuon, "If we're just able to get my dream caterer/stylist, a nice venue, great photographer and a pretty cake, I'm okay na!" But as I'm researching (hello Pinterest!), I keep finding nice add-ons for the party. And my hubby wouldn't let me hear the end of what I told him about my bare minimum! Hehehe :)

Yan ang downside to researching: finding nice, pretty and (gulp!) costly things. This is another challenge for us moms to prove our mettle as savvy savers extraordinaire. Can we discern what we truly need and in turn say no to these pretty yet unnecessary things? Without my hubby's 'supervision' (ahem!), I might have been too far gone flunking in this department!

To help us stick to our budget, we also streamlined our essentials and non-essentials. Right now in our planning stage, there are two main items we might not include in our party .... the dessert or candy buffet and the photo booth. Savings for avoiding both could be PHP 15,000 - 30,000! Yeah, that much..again, depending on the supplier chosen. Don't get me wrong ha, these are definitely nice to have at any party but for us personally, they are relegated to "let's think it over" as we try our best to allocate our budget efficiently.

I've been mulling over this as I know that almost all parties feature the following but hear me out:

Dessert Buffet / Candy Buffet

They are pretty, they are why not? If we are holding it for 50 pax or less, I might reconsider. But since I'm expecting our guest list would go over a hundred, we are most likely passing up on this because (a) it's hard to manage a candy buffet station in such a way that majority of guests will be able to try it and (b) since it isn't usually manned, there is the risk of contamination especially when there are little kiddos (and okay, some grown-ups) who simply refuse to use serving spoons.

Photo courtesy of

Photo booth

Photo booths are fun! We even had them at our wedding (remember our bed photo studio?). They provide lasting memories of the fun time guests have had at your party. So again, why not? For one, I feel the concept is getting old. When I attend parties, I rarely line up to get a photo booth souvenir taken because I feel I've exhausted all possible high-fashion poses (naks! joke lang po!) I have in my bag of tricks! Hahaha..Unless of course, I'm able to find a 'new concept' for a good deal. *wink, wink, wink!!!* And then again, subject to hubby's A-OK! Else, I'll do a DIY na lang and have people use their cams / phones to take photos :)

Oh, these are also some expense areas that are heavily policed by hubbyness:

Party Outfit

Because we've chosen a 'period theme', I feel it's just apt to reflect it also on our attire. I'm okay with having coordinated outfits with my baby and my hubby. But my hubby thinks this is already superfluous. What do you think?


Hubby says that we already have a photographer to capture the moment. And ito ang nakakaloka, according to him: "Mommy, a picture is already worth a thousand words. Tapos may video pa? Baka mahilo na si baby niyan sa dami ng words!" Anu daw??? Hahahaha..But I'm still convincing him that since Z is still too young to appreciate the party, a video is a nice token for her to look back to from time to time. Do you agree?

4. Claim it!

Maybe I'm just a late bloomer but something about being a mom (or a parent, in general) gives one a double-edged vulnerability and the strength to perform new capabilities. I'm actually enjoying this experience, it isn't all too hard pala. Well, save for curbing my appetite for all things pretty...really have to stick with that dang budget!

On the other hand, I'm also relishing this responsibility...for crafting an experience for our family and friends. Looking for superb suppliers and communicating our vision. Trying out different things while still considering tradition.

I'm not claiming to be an expert party planner but this is such a learning moment for me. It would definitely be so much more convenient to just hand over the major planning and preps to a party planner but I think I'm kinda enjoying getting my hands dirty and just diving deep into this wonderful world of first birthdays! :)

And so I am claiming it! I am wearing my heart (and preferences) on my sleeve and will be proud of it. It can be daunting, still such a huge event to pull off. Still so many things to do. What if something goes wrong? What if, what if, what if? But I will learn to be brave, I will learn to trust and best of all, I will learn to accept and enjoy :)

5. Pray about it

Yes, there are many uncertainties, insecurities and fears that party planning can bring. That's why we always turn to the Almighty Father to continue to guide and bless us. As they say, "pray for the best but still prepare for the worst." I'm so blessed to have chanced upon Ms. Joy Mendoza's blog on how she was also struggling and praying about her daughter's first birthday and how the Lord continued to bless them despite their initial challenges (read about it here). It definitely confirmed what I've been sensing all along and I especially appreciate the part where she advises for us wives to be obedient to our husband. It's easy to be a brat about getting what one wants but is it worth it to jeopardize your relationship (and bank account) just for a single day of festivity?

In our planning, there are already a few glitches we have encountered. I have accepted also that no party will ever be totally stress-free. Hence we are also preparing for contingencies. This early, I'm already foreseeing a possible "disturbance" to our plans and hence I'm praying for God's best.

I don't know about you but sometimes I experience myopic vision. This is where my mind just zooms to my "creative pegs" and I'm hopelessly floating and expecting that it will come to be. Reality is that there will always be deviations, adjustments and flex points. And we do have to be flexible.

So this is always part of my prayers. That we be guided on planning for a party that we can reasonably afford, that we will be enlightened with our intentions (you know at the back of our minds, it's always nice to be featured in certain party blogs but that shouldn't be the reason we are having a party in the first place), that the Lord will lead us to the right suppliers and that He continues to guide and protect our suppliers and loved ones.

Thank you so much for reading and as a simple request, please pray for us too! :)

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Official Photos by Happy Folks Studio

Friday, October 10, 2014

Product Review: Tula Baby Carrier

The Tula baby carrier is the latest in our baby-wearing arsenal but I'm compelled to give a review of it first before the others. As if I haven't done 2 prior blog posts about it already (here and here)...can't you tell I'm so excited about this one? Hehe :)

Baby wearing mom and little one in a kiddie party contest...our team won! :)

The move to a Soft-Structured Carrier (SSC)

I've had 3 different carriers prior to our Tula. Of those, I was most satisfied with the Baby K'tan Breeze Baby Carrier. The baby wearing learning curve with the K'tan was short and definitely not steep, baby and I felt so comfy and it was the only place she'll sleep in whenever we were out. Yup, even in the craziest and noisiest of malls! In short, I love it! I also loved the fact that the K'tan was usable up to 35 lbs of baby's weight.

Wearing Z in the Baby K'tan Breeze

Well, what do you know? When Z hit the 15-lb. mark, oh boy did my back hurt! Sure I was able to wear her for more than an hour in it. But the moment I took it off, I was in so much pain. I researched a bit to see if I was wearing her wrong or whether IT IS JUST ME who's not as strong. What I found is that (1) I really don't have strong back muscles and (2) there really are mommas who transition from slings or hybrids to SSC's or soft-structured carriers once their baby gets heavier. I guess I would be one of them.

At first I didn't really want to have to buy ANOTHER carrier. After all, the mounting costs would soon probably be more expensive than the stroller we initially bought - to carry the baby. But I've seen the difference baby wearing makes and the obvious benefits. As far as our experience goes, even if we bring the stroller with us, I still end up wearing Z 95% of the time! But when we're shopping, the stroller is still great for carrying the bags! :p

Why the Tula

Like many Filipino moms, I've never even heard of the Tula until a few months ago! In my mind I was sooo bent on getting a hip seat carrier as it looked easy enough but I was still second guessing it so I researched more. From most online reviews I've read, it seems that the hip seat they were using were sponsored by the company so I thought there might be some bias with their review. I also checked baby wearing groups on Facebook and the only person who said she owned it was already selling. So the lack of non-sponsored reviews and my own uncertainty made me shy away from this product.

I also had my eyes set on getting an Ergo. It was, after all, highly available in almost all SM Baby Company stores and seemed to be the SSC standard. However, some moms who have used it have commented that it may be easily outgrown. Sometimes even before baby hits the 1 year mark! See Georgia of Documenting Delight's blog post about their Ergo to Tula experience here.

I think most baby-wearing-in-SSC-moms would love the Tula (don't you already?) specifically because it is FUTURE-PROOF. It has wider panels than most other carriers hence it can help support you and your baby well into toddler-hood, while maintaining the correct "M" leg and bum position. Aside from that, the back panel is also a bit taller than the others which should help you be more comfortable especially if you child is a 'leaner'. Should you find yourself between sizes (between Standard Baby and Toddler), there is also the Free to Grow extension panels. See The Portable Baby's comparison chart of different carriers to know the features of the different carriers.

And and and. Have you seen their prints? They really are just some of the best ones out there. Honestly, I avoid going back to their website...I might be tempted with a wrap conversion (WC) carrier...oh the pretty little wrappeys!!! Well if money was no object (I doubt, haha) and I'd qualify for the chance to buy a WC, I most definitely would..and happily I would add.

It is by far nowhere near affordable but it pays for itself in the future. And that is not just a sales ploy I used on my husband! Hah! Why do I say that? First is that I can use it for longer. The Tula Baby (Standard) Carrier can be used up to 45 lbs, with the free-to-grow extension, it is essentially converted into a Tula Toddler Carrier! But note that the true Toddler carrier will carry up to 50 lbs. Second, and this is what I found hard to do in my other carriers, is that I can breastfeed well in the Tula (see picture below)! Third is it is really ergonomic - no more back and shoulder pains for me or at least I haven't noticed any yet! I feel that baby's weight is really supported especially with the width and thickness of the padding. Fourth - I can actually do chores while baby wearing! And as most baby-wearing moms can attest, it amuses our kids no end. I was able to shop for groceries (alone!), cook bake and wash dishes (baby was worn on my back). I was able to exercise (walking only) and even attend our Sunday Mass with baby in the Tula! And dads, now you get to share in the baby wearing adventure!

I tell you mommies, it really is worth it! :)


100% satisfied! I love (love, love, love) it!! :) I feel I have won the baby wearing jackpot with the Tula! The materials used and build quality are great. And based on their manufacturing process flow (quality vs quantity) wherein only 1 person attends to your carrier from start to finish, I feel the love and care that goes with its creation.

They are also a responsive company. If you're unsure with the size, just email your little one's height, age and weight to their customer service ( Cassiopeia (hello!) has been so helpful to me when I was still deciding which size to buy.

Wearing it - front carry (facing in) was a no-brainer. Basically if you can buckle up a seat belt then you're set! Just remember to adjust properly so it will be comfy for both of you. And make sure baby's legs and bum are in the proper "M" position, with her knees slightly higher than her tush. Back carry (facing in) is the one I find most comfortable to wear her for longer periods of time. However, this is a major learning curve for me! I dare not do it without a spotter! But again, Georgia of Documenting Delight has a great tutorial for doing the back carry on your own, of course without flipping baby to the back!

Heat - Personally, no significant difference between using the Saya, K'tan or my Ring Sling. As most baby wearing moms would say, as long as you add an extra layer of cloth and of course your baby, there will be additional heat generated. I find it does not disturb me at home, inside a well-ventilated Church and in an air-conditioned mall. As always, you can discern for yourself keeping in mind your environmental considerations. Would I take it for a hike? Probably in Baguio where it is cold. :)

Caveats - unlike other carriers, you cannot do an X strap for the front carry. Neither can you do a hip carry with the Tula Baby Carrier. I find the pocket useful only for a few coins, maybe? Doesn't have a panel pocket to tuck the hood into but if it matters, the hood is detachable so you can stash it somewhere else :)

Can you really do things / chores while wearing it? - Yes! When Z's yaya has to take the day off, I don't mind as long as I have the Tula! :) Again, it's more functional for me as I am able to do more / harder chores than simply picking up clothes or fixing our beddings. Talk about grocery shopping, cooking, baking, real cleaning (as opposed to? hehehe)

Does baby love it? - Absolutely! Maybe it's the carrier, maybe it's my silly antics with us horsing around but I can say enough that she loves being IN there! In fact, there are times when she would cry if we try to take her out. Talk about attachment..Yes she can sleep in there too! No less than in a jam-packed mall with sale-crazy people! :) She's comfy and happy = we're happy!

The Tula makes us happy!!!

Breastfeeding friendly

Yes yes and yes!!! Little Z got cranky and sleepy at a Jollibee party. Good thing I was ready with my nursing wear. After a few adjustments on the straps and repositioning Z, we were good to go! No need for a nursing cover as the hood already serves that function. No one was the wiser that a little one has gone on nursing. They just kept saying, "Awww. she's sleeping now.."

Some mommies suggest to wear a cardigan or a shawl over it to make sure no tiny bits are showing :)

Peso Power

If you have the available funds, I say go with the Tula! Luckily, the stars aligned for me and I was able to afford it.

Tula Baby Carrier - $ 149
Free to Grow Extension - $30
Shipping from USA to Philippines (thru Johnny Air Cargo/JAC) - $39
TOTAL: My hubby's eyes rolling! Hahahaha :D

Retail Availability

1. The good news is that for Philippine-based moms & dads, there is already a reseller. How I wish I have learned of this sooner. You can check out CEO Emporium for available sizes and styles. Since I already have my carrier, I just ordered the drool/suck pads from the owner, Ms. Candy.

2. You can order directly from their website (, indicate the Johnny Air US address (they have in New York and Los Angeles, California) and have it shipped by Johnny Air Cargo to you, door-to-door!

3. Or you can use my Amazon links below if you want to maximize your Amazon Prime membership! Just remember to check the correct size before ordering! :)

4. There is a baby wearing event tomorrow to celebrate Babywearing Week 2014. Check the details below and make sure to register...Tula will be there! :)

5. And while we're at it, I'd like to invite you to two of the babywearing groups that have been so instrumental for me in my quest to continue wearing my baby - FAB or Filipino Association of Babywearers and EDBW Everyday Babywearing

Share the Adventure! Wear all the babies! :D

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three years ago in Singapore...

This is probably one of the best throw-back moments I could think of right now as a SAHM / WAHM. It's nice to be able to look back to a job I thoroughly enjoyed with my colleagues. I didn't think it then but what's in my mind right now is: "I had a pretty cool job with cool perks!"And and and. I had also the coolest boss who let me go to this trip (Hello Sir Anjo!) Haha :)

So enjoy the photos of our (me, then-bf Daddy A and my brother A's) 4D/3N stay at the Ritz Carlton with a 3-day pass to the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix! All free of course, well at least on my end! Thanks to Cisco and Lamco! Woohoo!! :) My brother and A had to cough up for their travel expenses, they just stayed at the hotel with me and we shared the F1 passes, per day. Okay, just to put it out there, this was not strictly a 'vacation mode' thing. Together with the rest of the Philippine disti-reseller delegates and some Cisco PH team, we also had to attend to product launch dinners and network. But that's not such a bad deal, eh?  :)

Again, here's us feeling tourist-y! We were able to visit Marina Bay Sands, walk around (at length I might add) due to closed roads, shop a little at Orchard Road. We even had to take a round-a-bout taxi trip due to the closed roads! But we still ended up walking back to the hotel!

This was also the time that a certain 'Ryan' called our hotel phone and was checking who I was. I thought it was a partner reseller who might have been still sleepy or playing a prank but turned out it was our DLSU college blockmate (Oh Ryan!) who was working at the Ritz. He said he was reviewing the guest list and because we were billeted on a lower floor, he saw my name. What are the chances??

Hmmmm get ready for the deluge of pics but I know there are more! I'll find out where they are and share with you guys! Watch out for our Universal Studios and Safari tour! :)

Hey Ryan! :)


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